After spending many years in the wilderness teaching bushcraft and survival skills and seeing the impact wild places have on people’s mental health, Survive and Revive was born.

Something special happens to people when they reconnect with the natural world in meaningful ways. Wherever hardship occurs, priorities shift and survival is king.

It allows you to strip away the responsibilities and pressures of the modern world, just for a short while; focus on the now, exist, breathe and take stock.

Neatly package up your insecurities, your self-doubt and discard them. Go back to your people and your village revived, knowing that you are doing your best and that against all the odds, you are surviving.


  • To support people to discover a meaningful relationship with nature and wild places improving mental health and well-being.

  • To provide opportunities for those who may not otherwise be able to access wild places.

  • To provide high quality bushcraft, survival and wilderness skills, training and experiences.

  • To educate people of all ages to live more sustainably and inspire the next generation of custodians for the natural world.


Hi, I’m Paul, lead Bushcraft instructor and wilderness guide.  I have been teaching in outdoor education for over 20 years and I love spending time exploring wild places learning new things.

I spend as much time as I can outdoors, studying nature, learning, surfing, climbing and exploring lost and forgotten skills and traditional crafts – if I can drag my family and friends along with me then its a win!

I have spent most of my career working with vulnerable and challenging young people of all ages and abilities, particularly those that have faced extremely difficult circumstances and those who are neurodiverse.  I have seen first hand the impact that wild places have on peoples mental well-being and development.  I have a strong belief in the cathartic power of nature and that re-connecting to it is fundemental to health and happiness.

In addition to running S&R, I coordinate an alternative education provision for BF Adventure, a charity in Cornwall, who probably provide the best outdoor youth work in the country.

Paul has gathered a broad range of outdoor qualifications over the years including Mountain Leader Award, Single Pitch Rock Climbing Instructor Award, Local Cave and Mine Leader Award and various Level 3 NCFE Wilderness survival awards.  Paul holds an up to date DBS, Safeguarding Level 3 certificate and a Mental health and Outdoor First Aid award.


My name’s Alex, and I’ve been involved with facilitating and supporting individuals and groups for the best part of a decade.

At the core of my practice is the belief that change and growth come from within and being in the privileged position to be alongside people when they decide the next steps is what keeps me coming back for more.

I come from the understanding that people and groups shift when they choose to and so access to an environment and mentors which allow for those shifts to occur is key to development.

I have always kept the outdoors at the centre of the work I have done in this field.  Studying and working remotely in the Lake District, then moving to Cornwall and working with Paul in an outdoor centre supporting at-risk and vulnerable young people.  Currently I am also involved with community health and well-being projects in my local area.

Alongside this, I have a passion for storytelling, history, good food, personal coaching, strength and conditioning training and music.

To me, the woods are a place where we can feel a sense of our place in the world and I love to sit quietly and allow that feeling to grow – if I can share this with other people then all the better!

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