Reconnect and rewild yourself, it is likely that you are dealing with too much. We are surrounded by stress; at work, at home and in our learning environments. With mainstream media streaming 24 hours a day and our chosen social media platforms just a swipe away it can be easy to find ourselves overwhelmed. It’s essential to take time for overselves and reconnect with our source.


A growing body of research points to the beneficial effects that exposure to nature and wild places has on health, reducing stress, boosting mood and improving our sleep. Being outdoors has so many proven benefits to mental health and this is magnified when we are learning new skills at the same time and feeling good about our achievements.

Our Revive sessions draw upon all the same resources and expertise as our survival courses. You’ll learn some of the same skills, but we slow the pace down and provide a more relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The emphasis is on spending meaningful time and building strong relationships with nature and each other.


Katrina Mayer



Each week we’ll spend time in the woods, by the hearth or out and about, learning new skills and putting them into practice.

We’ll look at foraging, green woodworking, timber processing, fire lighting, water purification, natural navigation, wilderness cookery, natural cordage and textiles amongst other things.

We will complete practical tasks supporting the land management of the site and building traditional equipment such as shave horses and mules.

We’ll finish off with lunch and farewell by the fire.

Spending time in green spaces is proven to improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety.  Reconnect and rewild yourself!

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