This fire lighting survival course is all about exploring pyrotechnology. It is glorious and we’ll teach you how to prepare, create and use it as our ancestors would have. We’ll look at the history and importance of fire, explore ignition sources and tinder’s both artificial and natural.  You will become proficient in knowing which resources to use, how to harvest and process them and be able to create fire in all conditions.

This session is for anyone aged 14+ and all participants 14-18 will need to be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

This event is inclusive of all experience and abilities.

There will be fire (a lot of it!) and warm drinks.  We’ll spend a few hours in a stunning wild place, learning wilderness survival skills at a leisurely pace.

  • 0945 – Welcome
  • 1000 – Overview
  • 1015 –  History of fire
  • 1030 – Cutting tool safety
  • 1100 –  Tinder and Ignition
  • 1130 – Tree ID & Forage
  • 1200 – Lunch
  • 1230 – Fuel prep
  • 1300 – Fire lays
  • 1330 – Friction fire lighting
  • 1430 – Char
  • 1500 – Close



This course combines wild crafts with wilderness living for a truly brilliant experience.

The aim of this course is to provide participants with sufficient knowledge of the woodland environment to identify harvest and process raw materials for crafting purposes.

There is no previous experience necessary for you to take part, we’ll introduce you to or help you hone the required skills giving you the best chance for success in the various projects we will embark upon together.

There will be several sessions covering cordage and basic tool use, along with a number of crafting sessions where participants will use the materials they have harvested to make various tools, items and weapons.  Our focus is on using the right techniques with the right tools with the right materials for the right project.

Some personal kit and equipment is required and whilst this is not a catered for course we can provide advice and guidance on what sort of food to bring in order to sustain you for the weekend.

Don’t have a whole weekend available?  Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, just buy a day ticket and enjoy learning some new skills!


Friday: 1800 - 2100
  • Welcome
  • Course overview
  • Set up Camp
  • Safe tool use
  • Intro to Cordage
  • Food / Fire
Saturday: 0800 - 1200
  • Breakfast
  • Cutting techniques
  • Cordage Forage
  • Cordcraft
  • Tree & Plant ID
  • Lunch Prep
Saturday: 1300 - 1800


  • Weapon Demo
  • Weapon Materials Harvest
  • Weapon craft
  • Target practice
Saturday: 1800 - 2100
  • Meal Prep
  • Glues and Resins
  • Fire time
Sunday 0700 - 1200
  • Breakfast
  • Clear camp
  • Utensil Demo
  • Utensil Carving
  • Finishing and tweaking
  • Close

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